WR250 for Nike

I've heard people criticising Wayne Rooney but gladly there are more praising him for reaching the 250 goal mark for Manchester United. 

Alan Shearer said on Match of the Day how he thought Wayne would play with the same intensity and drive even if he was being paid £50 per game and that's exactly what I like about him.

A premier League footballer earns a lot. We all know that. But he just wants to play football. Which is handy because he's bloody good at it. So thanks to everyone at Nike for asking me to help with the release of their new boot and to celebrate this amazing milestone. Thanks also to the team who helped with the production and turnaround on this campaign - Dan Rowley, Dave Thompson, Tom Shaw and Mark Robinson.  

Back In Black

On April 24th Nike launched the all black Nike 2015 Football Boots Collection, the new Nike Academy Pack and I was asked to produce a set of images for their social media outlet.

The brief was to keep the images dark and to bring out the detail of the boots so spotlights were the obvious way to go. After setting up a mini studio in the changing rooms at St.George's Park I headed outside with The Academy team to put them through their paces for the first time.

The Nike Academy

I've worked with the team at The National Football Centre for the past couple years and to have a boot named in their honour shows just what a magnificent programme it is being run up in Burton.

It seems strange to me that the whole team were surprised to see a completely black boot! Showing my age I suppose but I must say, it looked fantastic to have a football pitch without a hint of luminous green, sparkly puce or mango adorning the pristine turf of St George's Park.

Once again, the hits which Nike and The Academy have received through, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been astronomical and I'm extremely proud to have been part of such a huge launch for their global brand.

Commissioned by Getty Images