I'd have him

I'm not going to mention what a bloody nice bloke Anthony Joshua is because I'm pretty sure everyone already knows. So I'm afraid this post might be a bit boring for some of you with more technical chat than kissing the arse of the Heavyweight Champion.

My only brief when Matchroom commissioned me was to capture the concentration and focus before his Box Office bout against Eric Molina tomorrow night. This screamed for close ups of his eyes which meant a lot of missed frames as catching such a big man with his speed through the ropes with a 400mm is harder than it sounds!

I imagine the amount of times Anthony has been asked to put a fist up for a picture would be in the thousands now so I'm glad the brief didn't include that little beauty. Using nothing natural light can always be a risk but I got lucky with a crisp, sunny afternoon and the beautifully positioned windows with random stained glass meant I had light bouncing everywhere and it was almost like having a room full of reflectors!

They might not be pictures of a table being thrown or a dust up after a press conference but I hope I fulfilled the brief and my images reflect the professionalism of a man who is a great ambassador for all sport and will undoubtedly fill the now vacant title of 'The Greatest'.....Dammit, I said I wouldn't do that ; )