Matt Roberts PT

It's always nice to hear that someone, somewhere has seen my work and thought they'd like to get me in to see if I can recreate my style for them. When I first went in to see Matt Roberts and his team they gave me an outline of which images of mine they'd seen and asked what I could do for them.

We quickly agreed that the best scenario would be to start somewhere where there was a London skyline and work our way back to the gym in Mayfair.

I have to admit that this shoot was originally due to take place in February but because of our lovely English weather, we had to cancel and move the date back to when it was a little less changeable.

Having said that, when we all arrived at the London meeting point at 6am it was raining and the sun hadn't even bothered getting out of bed yet. By the time we'd had the most amazing coffee and walked to the Observatory in Greenwich the clouds were playing ball and we were greeted by a stunning, moody sunrise.

With stretches done and a few dogs kicked out of the way we set off on the route I had plotted a few days previously and between here and Mayfair we had enough locations to keep us going until the afternoons shoot in the gym.

(no dogs were hurt in the making of this set of images. But 1 pigeon did get it)

Social media content has become a big part of my business over the past couple of years and it has really taken off now that my 'dirty campaign' has started to gather pace.

There just aren't enough hours in the day to provide enough content for more than a few months but Matt now has a set of images which will keep him and his team going until next time and we do it all again with a fresh set of images and a new route to mix it up.

If you or your team need social media content, get in touch using my contact tab above and I'll be happy to come and discuss what I can do for you and your many channels which need lovely images - @skosh23