As a couple of my very good (rugby supporting) friends refer to football as Wendy-Ball I'm writing this post in their honour. I make no secret that over the past few years I've fallen out of love with football. Not just in the photography industry but as a whole and my reasons were perfectly summed up when I was listening to the annoyance of a caller to BBC Radio 5 Live who didn't like the fact that the Manchester derby was all about the managers instead of the teams. He said he'd go to the theatre if he wanted to see 'that sort of thing'.

Unfortunately for him theatre is exactly what football has become. The hype, build up and (brilliant) montages which are designed to sell each match thrive on the drama football creates. You only have to look at the face on the referee after he's shown a multi millionaire teenager a yellow card to see they love playing the villain.

Therefore my selected images for this post aim to show more than just two men who don't get on and the moment they might shake hands.