Upwards and Onwards

This month is something a little different from what you're all used to on my blog. After long days of shooting sliding tackles and left hooks I've turned my lenses skywards and am in the process of creating a gallery of astrophotography.


Venus and Jupiter

Seeing these two planets together in the early night sky was a rare occurrence and a nice end to each day.

Although these two beauty's were closer at some point in the country this was as close as I managed from my position on Planet Earth. You can just about make out 3 of the Jupiter's moons.

The Old Egg and Spoon

Only four years in the making. I've seen better images of a plane crossing the path of the moon but I was like a kid at christmas when I caught this.


This is my first attempt at capturing Saturn. I have a lot of learning to do when it comes to stacking images and bringing out the detail, but watch this.....erm.... space!