Burger Vans, Turnstiles and a Wide Angle Lens

"Yeah, but can he handle a wet Tuesday night in Stoke?" seems to be a phrase used when another £20M is risked on a young, tanned, millionaire who probably won't even sit on the bench on a Tuesday night due the rotation system.

But come rain or shine the fans who have probably all at some point complained about the price of tickets, programmes or a watered down pint, will be arriving early to stand around and wait for the turnstiles to open.

If an aspiring photographer comes to me for advice and asks "how do I get in to shoot the Premier League?" I simply tell them there are plenty of images to be had way before the whistle blows. Picture editors will receive hundreds of photographs with two men chasing a ball during a 90 minute football match, so going for a walk with a wide angle lens beforehand can often throw up a different view from a Saturday afternoon.