The All England Lawn Tennis Club

In a year when World Cup fever is bigger than I've seen due it being played in what some would arguably call the home of football, it may have seemed strange that I would turn down the opportunity to cover the group stages. But when the call came through asking if I would be interested in covering the biggest tennis Grand Slam of the year just round the corner in Wimbledon I knew I had made the right decision.

Working as part of the All England Lawn Tennis Club photographic team was going to be hard work and long hours but would be worth the effort if I was to end up with a set of images that I would really be proud of.

I've worked on many major events over the past decade or so and they have all had a similar theme in that I was shooting for the editorial side of our industry. Working for the Club had it's differences and took a bit of getting used to but having a team of quality photographers who all gave constructive criticism on a daily basis was a breath of fresh air compared to just turning up and pressing the button without any feedback at all.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite moments captured through the eye piece of my faultless Canon 1DX camera's over the past fortnight.